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John Lewis 1669-1725
John Lewis 1694-1754
Fielding Lewis 1725-1782


Lawrence Lewis



Fielding Lewis 1725-1782 Betty Washington
DOB 4/4/1767  
DOD 11/20/1839 Arlington, VA
Marriage   City State
Spouse Name:  Eleanor Parke Custis
Children DOB DOD Spouse
Frances 11/27/1799 6/30/1875 Butler
Martha 8/19/1801 6/19/1802  
Lawrence 8/5/1802    
Lorenzo 11/13/1803 8/27/1847 Coxe
Eleanor 8/8/1805 10/28/1820  
Fielding 7/2/1807 3/27/1809  
George 2/14/1810 12/16/1811  
Martha 4/1/1813 9/21/1839 Conrad
".....Among the families which belonged to Pohick Church was that of Mr. Lawrence Lewis, nephew of General Washington, the son of his sister Betty, who married Mr. Lewis.  Mr. Lawrence Lewis married Miss Custis, the granddaughter of Mrs. Washington.  In many of the pictures of the Washington family she may be seen as the girl in a group with the General, Mrs. Washington and her brother Washington Parke Custis.  There were two other full sisters who married Mr. Law and Mr. Peter.  Mrs. Custis the widow of Mr. Washington's son married again.  Her second husband was Dr. David Stuart, first of Hope Park and then of Ossian Hall, Fairfax County.  He was the son and grandson of the two Mr. Stuarts who were ministers in King George for so long a period.  They had numerous offspring.  The residence of Mr. Lawrence Lewis was a few miles only from Mount Vernon and was called Woodlawn.  After the desertion of Pohick, they also attended in Alexandria and some time after the establishment of St. Paul's congregation and settlement of Dr. Wilmer, as he was by them.  After some years they removed to an estate near Berryville in what was the Frederick, now Clarke County.  Mr. Lewis was one of the most amiable of men by nature and became a sincere Christian and communicant of our church.  His person was tall and commanding and his face full of benignity as was his whole character.  I wish some of our friends at a distance could have seen him in the position I once beheld him in the church at Berryville, when I was administering the Holy Communion.  Some of his servants were members of the church in that place and on that day one of them came up after the white members had communed.  It so happen that Mr. Lewis himself had not communed but came up and knelt by the side of his servant feeling no doubt that one God made them and one Savior redeemed them...."

Old Churches and Virginia Families, Bishop Mead

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