www.LegendofLewis.com has been designed to facilitate cooperative research into the history of the Lewis of Warner Hall family.  It is a not-for-profit, privately funded, operation seeking to build on the research of historians who have preceded.  This site encourages, even implores, fellow researchers and family members to become part of this monumental undertaking by submitting bios and photos in addition to offering guidance relating to the accuracy of the data herein.


Several different publications listed a Robert Lewis, who sailed to Virginia in 1635 (Sorley) as the progenitor of the Warner Hall lineage.  I am inclined to believe the works of Grace McLean Moses and her tremendous research which has concluded that John Lewis of Monmouth 1592-1657 is, in fact, the beginning of this American line. 


Colonel Merrow Engerton Sorley published in 1935, "Lewis of Warner Hall; The History of a Family". His tremendous works regarding the lineage of this family is, in part, the basis of this web site.  While it is acknowledged that his works contain many errors, he laid before us, a solid foundation for which we may build our history upon.

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DNA research has changed the way we approach genealogy.   

DNA without the history
Charles P. Lewis 5/24/1824 11/11/1866


Photos of Warner Hall and the grave site of John Lewis are

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