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Charles P. Lewis 1824-1866


Charles Thomas Lewis



Charles P. Lewis 1824-1866 Charlotte Brown
DOB 7/3/1857 Hardin Co. IL
DOD 1/19/1926 Hardin Co. IL
Marriage   City State
Spouse Name:  Rachel Ann Gentry

Name of Deceased:  Thomas LEWIS
Name of Newspaper:  Hardin County Independent
Date of Newspaper:  4 February 1926


Thomas Lewis was born 5 July 1858 departed this life Jan. 19, 1926, being at the time of his death 68 years, 5 months and 19 days old.
He leaves one son, Harry Lewis.  He was faithful to his mother and faithfully attended to her till she was called away by death.  He was always willing to give his fellowman
a helping hand in the hour of need.
He will be missed by the whole community, one and all.  Long
may the thoughts of this well-known father dwell in each and everyone's heart.  Grieve not friends and relatives, he has paid the debt that every one is going to pay sooner or
A friend.


Children DOB DOD Spouse
James 11/1881    
Harry 2/1883    
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