Published thru Genealogical Publishing Inc. this book is the basis of this web site.  Col. Sorley's research is the most extensive on this specific family and while it contains acknowledged errors, it accomplishes the foundation of this lineage in my most humble opinion. 
Moses research points to John Lewis of Chemokins as Progenitor of the Warner Hall line.  Her research and references make a sound argument for this point to be accepted as fact.  Some references to the Rhys Goch lineage may require additional research.
This is a massive book that I purchased after reviewing a web site that cites this or specifically "Burkes Dictionary" as a reference.  I corresponded with the site designer who confessed he did not know where the reference came from.  Nevertheless, I acquired the book and thus far, found no real reference to John Lewis of Monmouth.  I place this here so others may not make the same mistake.
This book is mentioned in Moses work.  It has a reference to Caradog Freichfras in it but has no real value to genealogical research.  A neat book that contains stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Another publication dealing with the Lewis of Warner Hall lineage and including the lineage of the Meriwether family.  It also has Robert Lewis as progenitor of this line.
A second edition which deals with the Royal Tribes of Wales to which is added the fifteen tribes of north Wales
The book of Baglan contains genealogical data taken from several sources compiled between the years 1600 and 1617, by John Williams, trans. Joseph A. Bradney.  While it is not considered wholly accurate, it is an excellent reference to the lineage of Rhys Goch and includes descriptions of the heraldry of this line.
A book on the history of ancient Wales
As the title states, a book focusing on Fielding Lewis, his involvement in the Revolutionary War and his relationship with the Washingtons.
Same as the previous. This book, predates the Felder book and highlights Kenmore itself.
Deals with several different Lewis lines including Lewis of Warner Hall.  Makes reference to Moses' work and contains a lineage similar to the lineage illustrated on the John Lewis page of this site.  Another book dealing with heraldry by this author is so useless that I will not even list it here.
A book dealing with the tragedy of the children of Charles Lewis (BBA) and Lucy Jefferson, specifically Lilburn Lewis (BBAC)  Great Book!
A contemporary version of the previous but does not focus strictly on the Lewis tragedy.
The life of Meriwether Lewis (CHC)  A fascinating book on the Corps of Discovery and their expedition to open the west.  Not really related to genealogy but a great book, a must read!
No review yet
Two obscure references to this Lewis line.  Research shows this to be the line of John Lewis "Lost Pioneer" and not of Warner Hall.
A book practically all in Welsh.  Difficult for a novice such as me to comprehend.  Deals with ancient ancestry and makes several references to a Rhys Goch. According to Mr. Wolcott of the Center for Ancient Wales Studies, this is not the correct Rhys Goch.
No serious review yet.
Not considered accurate, this book makes several references to the Lewis of Warner Hall line as well as contemporary issues of the time.  This copy is very fragile, needing to be re-bound and thus makes a poor reference source.
Old New Kent County; Some Account of the Planters, Plantations and Places in New Kent County is written by Dr. Malcolm H. Harris, the man who discovered the ancient cemetery of John Lewis.
Memoirs of the Civil War in Wales and the Marches 1642-1649; Mentioned in Moses' work, lists "Esquire Lewis in the surrender of Chepstow.
As the title states. Specific reference to Lewis of Llanelly
History of the Kemeys family including Sir Nicholas Kemey with accounts of the fall of Chepstow.  This reference introduces doubt that John Lewis was present at the surrender of Chepstow.
Lewisiana was a sir name news letter where readers would submit family histories.  Not specific to this lineage.  I would not consider entirely accurate but probably contains very plausible leads for the would be researcher. intends to one day display this works on line gratis.
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